Thursday, October 1, 2020

Spooky Halloween!

 Good morning!

I love Halloween!

Ghosts and goblins and candy and scary movies!  What's not to love????

This months challenge at Creative Embellishments:

and the twist is to add wings or something with wings...

I have lots of creepy crawlies on the tray with wings! 


Now the candles are actually pool noodles that I altered (A LOT) to make this!  My son cut them into sizes for me then cut the center out to fit the fake tea lights.

 I started by using thickened white glue (I used cornstarch)that I let drip down for the longer and lighter drips

I then used hot glue and made bigger drips.  I did this a few times to get big drips.  I painted it all with truckbed liner spay.  I covered them twice.

I highlighted the drips with the metallic ECD silver craft drops (which I painted on with a brush) to add shine and definition

I used some ECD double sided tape to hold them together then used hot glue to make sure they stayed together!


The skull was LOTS of fun.  

I covered it with primer then added crackle paste.

I then covered it in nickel spray paint.

Once the paint was dry I added black plaint splatters and inked around the edges and over the cracks.



I painted some spiders with black and purple, then added some transparent ECD craft drops

to the bodies to add more visual interest.

I also painted some mini webs - one used as a patch over his eye - with the silver craft drops.

I painted some thorn flourishes black and highlighted with grey and glued them to the top of the candles

I also painted and distressed some pumpkin faces!

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