Friday, April 27, 2007

Oldest TV show...

Well over at scraparden Christy has started to issue blog challenges and she challenged us today to post about the oldest tv show we remember watching.

Back when I was little Saturday mornings used to me cartoons! Its not like nowadays with Satellite tv and cartoon on 24/7 on 10 different channels. It was a big deal on Saturdays to watch some cartoons! I used to love the Underdog! He would change into his little suit and fly around helping. Oh and Mighty Mouse and Speedy Gonzales and Grape Ape and of course Scooby Doo! My brother used to watch GI Joe before it got even more violent. things have changed a lot when it comes to cartoons...everyone is fighting and calling names now....saying things like stupid (a word I personally hate) and dummy and someone is always getting hurt. I miss the good old days of Papa Smurf & Smurfette and the Care Bears and Hong Kong Phooey.

As for actual TV show nothing beat Little House on the Prairie! I used to have the biggest crush on Micheal Landon. And I hated Nelly Olsen!!! I remember when Mary went blind and then in the fire her baby died...I was sad for a month and my mom & I sat there crying! Then Micheal Landon went on to star in Highway to Heaven another show I really liked to watch. Shows like that don't really exist anymore and if they did they wouldn't last with todays society's need for violence and sex.

Just a fun hubby's Aunt Sue is the step daughter of Miss Manners from the Romper Room...any one remember her? I used to watch her and when I met her it was really cool.

Todays quote;
Ability can take you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.

Have a great night

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Anniversary Extravaganza

Kitty's Kloset is turning a year old! One of my favorite sites is having a HUGE celebration that will run from May 1st - 31st! There are some awesome things planned by the DT and Kitty! You will have a great time celebrating with fantastic challenges, fun games and awesome contests! So come over...even my mom joined!

Its been raining here off and on for a couple of days...we even had a small thunderstorm today! I never feel like doing anything when it rains so I straightened up the house a bit and thats about it. I need to finish scanning and stitching my layouts together so I can post them here. I finished Ms. Sims (Cody's teacher) album the other day. I made her a scrapbook with a two page layout for each month so she can put her own photos in. I am almost done Miss I's (Ty's teacher) album...I just have to wait till his graduation so I can include that in it. I can't believe our baby is going to graduating kindergarten. Time is going by so fast.

I thought I would start something different each day I post and end with a nice quote or poem that really speaks to me. This one comes from Quote Garden;

A mother's arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them. ~Victor Hugo

Have a fabulous day

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Finally Spring!

It seems as though the nice weather has finally arrived! Yeah!!!!!!!!!! I am so stoked for this weather....the kids have been suffering from cabin fever and couldn't wait to get out and enjoy the nice weather! They decided to play their own game of volleyball! It was a lot of fun to watch. They are such hams!

And I BBQ'ed some burgers up last night for supper...I love BBQ season. I do BBQ all winter though! I love steak but it has to be grilled...oven baked or broiled just doesn't cut it. I marinade them all day in Diana's steak spice marinade or in her red wine & cracked pepper (my favorite) Tonight I am BBQ'ing up some butterfly pork chops! Yummy! What about you like to BBQ?

Have a fabulous evening

Thursday, April 19, 2007


What do you do to get over scrapper block? Or need some help doing a layout or whatever reason...I use sketches!

I love to use sketches! Right now over at Page Maps Becky Fleck is having a really should check it out...the winner from each category will will $25 worth of scrappy goodies...gotta love that! I love her sketches they are so simple to use and are fabulous!

Another site to check out is Layout Blueprints..there are quite a few interesting sketches there and if you use one and send it in before April 30th yo may get published in the next book!

Another favorite of mine is Little Book of Sketches! A fabulous little site with a HUGE amount of inspirational sketches!

Hope you find these inspirational! Have a great night!

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Finally I have had my first request for publication! I am soooooooooooooooooooo excited! I was actually jumping up an down! I know it sounds silly but I was! I had actually given up being published when this came in. Creative Concepts (available at Hobby Lobby in the U.S.) has asked for my The Boys of Summer Layout!

Its an older layout but still one of my favorites. Maybe this is a sign that I shouldn't give up hope! Thanks for sharing my joy!

Have a fabulous day!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Paper Piecing

I've been seeing in the magazines lately that paper piecing is coming back...well a lot of things that used to be are coming back....I issued a challenge over at Kitty's Kloset to try your hand a paper piecing. I had searched for some Clifford The Big Red Dog things for a layout I had to do for our youngest ds' teachers album, and I couldn't find anything, so I made some. If you've made some I'd love to see them!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Contests Contests & more contests!!!

It seems as though every site has a challenge or contest going on right now with some pretty awesome prizes! My favorite sites are no exception!

Over at Have your way with paper they are having their grand reopening so there are different challenges each week with great prizes! This week it's new beginnings with a prize consisting of chipboard alphas from Imagination project, purse shaped board book from this months sponsor c&t publishing, embellishments from Marcella, matching ribbons and flowers, & Making memories boho chic paper pad (6x6) the back to class with RAKS for prizes, and the Get 'er Done with a prize of a years subscription to Scrapbook Trends

Over at Creative Crafts and Stickers there is the sketch challenge from March that they decided to extend through April with a $25 shopping certificate to their on line store. A fabulous sketch by Becky Fleck of Page Maps.

At Kittys Kloset there is a paper piecing challenge in the Spring Fling!

Over at Scrapbook Dreamer there is a bunch a great challenges going on....there is the altered flower Wall Hanging by Sarah. There is the 'He or She...' with a RAK from Cynthia, the Wild Wednesday challenge posted by Laura, the April colour challenge posted by Jana, and the 'scrap with anything' challenge posted by this months featured member Amy who will give a RAK to the winner.

At Scrapgarden there are also a lot of challenges going on...Font challenge, the card sketch, the colour challenge, the tag sketch challenge, the Ad challenge, the lyrics challenge, the sketch challenge and the Challenge of Challenges with a CBX memory building kits - cottage as a prize for the paper and a kit from Kim Higueria called Raspberry Lemonade for the digital prize.

Over at Scrapfabulous there is the June Guest Designer contest and the celebration challenge.

At Go Scrapping there is a Amazing race that will begin on May 1st for a guest DT spot.
So if you are looking for some awesome challenges take a peek at my favorites.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

How did you start...

scrapbooking? Did someone introduce you or is it something you saw and taught yourself?

My sister took me to a Creative Memories beginners class and it was fun but at the second crop I was already adding things that were 'contraband' lol! So I started to branch out a bit. I really got into it about a year later and then last year my hubby bought me a digital camera and its been extreme every since. I have created a lot of gift albums, my sis and I made a 12x12 album for my dad about him as a father, one for my hubby about his son from a previous marriage (see daddy loves you Sebastian link on the side) a wedding album & Sebastian album for my in laws and one for our boys teacher last year. I also have about 8 family albums right now.

My sister, mom, cousin Amy and Aunt Patsy used to get together once a month to scrap, until my aunt passed last August. We still try and get but with Aunt Pat gone it just isn't the same. Now my niece scraps! (see earlier post)

here is a picture of sister, mom, Aunt Pat and myself at Thanksgiving 2 years ago

So how did you start?

Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Niece, sister & sister in law...oh my!!!!!

So my 13 year old niece Alicia was assigned a project to do for school. She was to create an autobiography about her life up till now and what she hopes to accomplish in the future..including her favorite music, her best days of her life (she wrote about the birth of my boys), her worst day (the day our favorite aunt passed away), her accomplishments, where she sees herself in 10 years and much more. She decided to scrapbook it. She has created some fabulous pages and I am so proud of her. She did this one at my house this weekend.

Her journaling reads;
As a human being, I feel I have grown dramatically in these past few years, but not just in height - in maturity. It feels as if my personal collection of experiences has expanded to a whole new level. From manners to desires and discipline to respect, everything - my whole outlook on life - has changed. I cannot say whether it’s my age, the way I was raised, or just my knowledge as a person, but I do feel as if I’m ahead, and it may take a few years for the rest to catch up. Presently, I am still recovering from the realization of how blessed I am: I have a loving family, a nice and safe home, money for not only needs but wants, and the fact that I could eat 5 meals a day and drink one hundred glasses of water, and I would still have the money for a pair of jeans I see myself eyeing in the mall, or that pleasant family dinner out we have every few weeks; I know this is a mere fantasy for some others around the world, and to me, that is heartbreaking. I would feel spoiled and selfish if I was to complain that I was not wealthy enough or fortunate enough - because what, really, are those things anyway? This is just a tidbit of my growth; no larger than a kernel. For those being kept in the dark, my name is Alicia Lorina Lozon. Today, I am 13 years and 86 days of age, brunette, almost 5”6, and have blue speckled and dark-green rimmed green eyes. Although I have been told I look 16, my two front teeth are still slightly larger, my love for cartoons still dominates my selection of television programs, and I have yet to appreciate the gross food my parents seem to have an acquired taste for (like pasta with spices and such, which they say I’ll like when I’m older; like, barf).
I am so proud of her. When I get a chance I will post some more of her pages.

On Easter Sunday was also my sisters birthday...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I made her a card holder with sections to put her handmade cards...she creates such awesome cards! She has a real flair and talent for it!

I also made her a birthday card although not as pretty as the ones she makes...

This is a layout I created my about my sister and I a little while ago.

The journaling reads;
There are eight years, and two brothers, between my sister and I. When I was little we shared a room and even shared a bed. She got married, with me as her junior bridesmaid, when I was only 11 and I missed her so very much. It took me forever to learn to sleep without her, and I was left to deal with two older brothers by myself. She was always my idol growing up. She was popular, pretty and so smart. She could play the organ, the guitar and had a beautiful voice, she was kind and a hard worker. I bet she never knew that I wanted to be just like her. Whenever I needed advice, or a soft shoulder she was always there, even when she didn’t agree with me. She never let me down, she always stood by me. Now we are both adults and I think we are closer than ever. We scrapbook together and talk on the phone at least once a week. But most things haven’t changed. She is still kind, popular, hard working, my rock, my friend and beautiful and I still want to be just like her.

Easter Sunday was also my sister in laws Bridgette's birthday! We don't buy for each other but I couldn't resist picking her up a bag of chocolates. I figured that her kids were getting chocolate that day and so should she! I also made her a card.

Have a fabulous day everyone!


Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter

I hope everyone is having a fabulous Easter! We had a great time today. We went to church this morning at 8:30am mass...a very nice service. At the end of mass Father asked the children to come up for a bulletin and a blessing. He asked the kids what they thought Easter was all said candy, one said family, one said eggs (lol) and then Cody (our 6 year old) raised his hand and Father asked him and Cody said...."Easter is all about when Jesus died on the cross for us" All the congregation clapped and made Cody and Jon & I feel very good!

After mass we went to an Easter egg hunt at my sister & brother in laws house. This is Cody and Tyler getting a few Easter treats!

After the egg hunt we went to my family brunch! It was nice visiting with everyone! We found out that my nephew Brady (he's 17, smart and cute) received an acceptance letter from the college of his choice and received a partial scholarship because he is an above 80 average student! He is such a great kid too! He is going to college to become a teacher that works with special needs kids! He's 17 and he's that thoughtful and driven. I am so proud! Here is a picture of Brady with my dad! Congrats again Brady!

I told you he was cute!

Our boys love to play with their cousin Ryeland! He is a really cute picture of all three of them!

We also went to my mother & father in laws for a nice supper. She made a tasty roast beef with mashed potatoes, gray and croissants! I have been watching what I eat and been doing very well at it until this weekend! Oh well tomorrow is another day!

Lynne Ann & Ian...thanks for the comments on my posts. Our boys go to a Catholic school here and as for the paper piecing I am going to make it from a coloring book! Wish me luck!

I also want to mention that my friend Jennifer (Kitty) received her baptism, first communion, & confirmation this weekend as she joined the Catholic religion. Congrats Jennifer and may God bless you.

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend and don't eat too many treats!!!


Friday, April 6, 2007

Easter Crafts

Almost every month I create craft projects with my youngest sons kindergarten class. I love doing it and watching their little faces lite up when they finish a project they are proud of. The whole process of learning is so exciting for them, and to watch them laugh and giggle is its own reward! Their teacher, Miss I, is one of the best teachers I have seen. She is patient, and kind but strict too. She loves that I am willing to come in and do different crafts with the kids. We have become friends over the last two years and I know that next year, when my youngest is in grade 1 and no longer has her, I will miss this.

This Easter we did jewelled crosses. I bought some jewels in the crafts section at WalMart and some popsicle sticks. I hot glued to sticks together a head of time. The kids painted them, then when they were dry they glued one large and four small jewels on them.

While the paint was drying on the crosses we made an Easter Egg Wish tree. I printed out some Easter Eggs on paper from some coloring book sites on the web and on the back they wrote a realistic Easter wish. They then colored and decorated them with glitter, we then glued them on a tree. When they return to school on Tuesday they can take them down and see who got their wish.

We also made some really cute Easter egg holders. They colored them and Miss I put a flower on the back with a brad to hold them together.

All in all it was a fabulous day. If you are looking for some cute crafts to do with your little bunnies try these sites

Easter Chick
Cute Easter Bunny
Can Easter Basket
Paper Bag Bunny Craft
Easter baskets
Easter Mobile with Christian Message

Have a great Easter

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Clifford the Big Red Dog

Last week we went an seen Clifford To The Rescue...a play with BOTH my boys classes. Not very often does the junior kindergarten, kindergarten and grade one classes go on a school trip together! I was a chaperon to both my boys. The play was fabulous. They really got the kids involved with the singing and dancing! it was a lot of fun to watch the little ones dance in the aisle! I can't wait to scrapbook them. I just issued a challenge at Kitty's Kloset to create a layout or tag using a paper piecing. After seeing them in the magazines again I thought a 'what old is new again' challenge would be appropriate, so I guess I will try and paper piece a Clifford for the layout. Wish me luck.

If you are looking for a month long celebration with great prizes and fabulous challenges make sure you come over to Have Your Way With Paper. There are some awesome contests going on over there! You will definitely want to stay because the ladies are fabulous, the gallery is full of awesome inspiration and your projects ALWAYS receive some loving! Stop in and say hi!

Have a great night

Monday, April 2, 2007

New Blog Home

I just moved here and I am hoping this will be my new blog home. For my friends that followed me over...Thank you! I took our son Cody to our doctor to have his ears checked after having a massive double ear infection last week and sure enough he had blown his ear drums which mean he has a hole in his eardrum and it will take time to heal. But the good news is it is healing nicely and hopefully we can get into his ENT doctor soon. He also forgot his Leapster there so I have to go back and get hours trip! Jon is on the road and for some reason I am really missing him this week. I am usually used to it. We've been married 7 1/2 years and he was driving long haul truck before we were married but there are weeks when I really wish he was home. When he is home I don't
seem to get anything accomplished though! LOL!!!! As for scrappy stuff, I've been working on my mother & father in laws Christmas gift. I'm making a scrapbook about them when they were growing up I have a few pages completed. This is the latest one I did! TFL looking and I hope you all have a great night!