Saturday, January 12, 2019

F**K Cancer - Southern Ridge Trading Company

Good morning!
I am going to share a lot that was probably one of the hardest layouts I have ever made -  not because of the products or techniques but because of the subject matter

Our goal in life is for him to remain cancer free

This is my husband....

I used some Blue Fern Studios paper that is grungy to match the mood I was trying to set for this layout

For the F - cancer title I embossed it with black and cut out the 'U' and replaced it with a Tim Holtz skull and cross bones from my stash

I sprayed the Scroll borders with red and black mist to keep with the darker theme...
I also sprayed some flowers from my stash as well as some cheesecloth to add more grunge.

 On the side I used another scroll border, misted flower, metal gear and a fabulous Soda Fizz stencil from SWTC that I used black in with.

On the back is my journaling - it is long so I understand if you choose not to read it

In April 2018 we received the news that Jon has prostate cancer…The air was sucked out of the room….I couldn’t breathe….The world just stopped…I kept thinking “What???   He’s too young….This can not be happening” Then I looked at my husband and realized he was as scared as I was but he was being strong and he needed me to be too, so I would be.  I remember Dr. Chin telling us that it would be in Jons best interest to have the surgery.  When Jon had his biopsy done previously we talked about all the different options if it came back cancerous….neither of us wanted to risk the rest of Jon’s life and decided if surgery was an option that is what we wanted.  On November 29th 2018 he had the surgery.  We waited for a couple of hours in pre op, then came Jon’s turn to be wheeled away…..and I wasn’t strong anymore…I couldn’t hold back the tears….they ran down my face freely….I was so scared
Cody, Jon’s parents and I waited for what seemed to be an eternity before Dr. Chin came to see us.  I remember the words ‘the surgery went well and we believe we got all the cancer…Jon bled a lot but the surgery was a success and he will be ok’  Relief flooded over me…..I think I started to breathe again
After the surgery Jon was in a lot of pain….He was in post op for hours and no one would tell us anything.  Each passing minute seemed like an eternity and I was getting more and more worried.  I just wanted to see him.  Finally at around 6 pm (his surgery was at 8am) I finally got to see him…he was in so much pain….his eyes were glossy, he hurt so bad….I felt useless….I couldn’t help him.  Here is the man I love….my whole world… so much pain.  I have seen this man almost cut his finger off and just put a paper towel over it and wrap it up with electrical tape and keep going….hit his head so bad that he bled a lot and gave himself a concussion and keep working….have his wisdom teeth surgically removed and go to work within a few hours and he is writhing in pain….crying in pain and there is nothing I can do.  The first day was horrible, he couldn’t sleep unless I was laying next to him – in the little tiny hard bed.  The nurses were all awesome especially Emily who took wonderful care of Jon.  She was kind and caring and knew her job.  She was always on time with his pain medications, brought him warm blankets to lay on his incision and just took awesome care of him.  On Saturday she said she wanted to try something else since the morphine was not working and switched him to Toradol which worked. He was finally able to rest and begin the healing process. I slept at the hospital with him….I didn’t want to leave him and the wonderful nurses understood. On Sunday we got to go home.  I did my best to take care of him, giving him his meds, hot press for his incision, cleaning his needs, holding him, and not letting him see me cry.  He trudged through like a trooper, getting better every day.  On December 21st we received the pathology report saying he was all clear.  It was the best Christmas present we could have received!  I get to keep my husband!  His scar will serve as a reminder to not take life for granted!­

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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Sledding - Scrap Shotz!

Good morning!
I love theses photos - I was so happy to have caught these progressive photos of Tyler hitting the jump on one of our sledding adventures!

I started by trimming, distressing and layering the wonderful Carta Bella 'Let It Snow' papers

He got a lot of air on that jump!

I added a little twine and some chipboard shapes

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Monday, January 7, 2019

Snow Fun

Good morning!
Due to some family things I was unable to even look at let alone work with the last two kits!  But when I did open them man was I excited! A couple times a winter my family goes sledding at our local damn with friends - I have so many photos to scrap and seeing the Carta Bella papers and embellishments!

It is not very often I create double page layouts.....but I had so many photos from this sledding day that I decided to make a two page!

I used the kraft coloured cardstock as a base for the otehr wonderful colours to bounce off from

I created lots of layers using the cardstock, papers and stickers.  To add dimension I used foam dots.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I will be back to show a another layout is a few days!