Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome 2015 and more from Scraps Of Darkness 'Serenade' kit

Happy New Year!

I can not believe that 2015 is here already!
Where did the time go?

I look back on 2014 and realize how blessed I really am.
I married a wonderful man, who works hard to provide for his family, who is my rock, my lover, and most of all my best friend.  This year when I was scared he held me, cried with me, and showed me strength when I needed it.   He is tender and loving and strong and  unwavering.  He reminds me of one of those gnarly trees in the center of a field.  The ones that roots run deep and it stand strong in every storm but still provides shade and home to those who lucky enough to be shaded by its branches.  I am a truly lucky lady.  We have 2 awesome boys that enrich my life.  Cody is smart and funny and is growing into a fabulous young man that respects people and treats everyone equally.  His laugh and smile are contagious.  Ty is helpful and sweet and loving.   He is always there to help and makes my world better just because he is in it!  I can see Jon in my boys and when I think about the future I  know that will grow into men like their dad.  I am so proud to be their mom!
This year we were lucky that Jon's son Sebastian returned, it had been fabulous getting to know him more.  He is sweet, kind, respectful and a handsome young man.  Although Sebastian and Jon have been separated most of Sebastian's life I see a lot of Jon in him.  We are looking forward to the future with him and his beautiful partner in life and love Denniese.  They have a gorgeous little girl Gina who just shines.  I can not wait till the day when I finally get to hold her - hopefully 2015 will see that dream realized!
I am also blessed with a wonderful family - my parents are fun , caring and shining examples of what parents should be and I strive to be like them.  they are great role models .  My sister is a beautiful example of dignity strength and love and if I ever decide to grow up I want to be like her but we all know that is NOT going to happen any time soon lol!.  My brothers are wonderful husbands and fathers and love their families above everything else.

Last night we had our annual celebration with our fabulous friends.
We are truly blessed to have such amazing people in our lives that are always there when we need them!  A good friend is someone who is there to laugh with you, work with you, try with you and cry with you. We are truly blessed to have all these qualities in our friends, Jill &Roland, Steve, Jason and Joanne & Todd! Thank you all for making this year memorable and we will make many more fabulous memories in 2015! Our circle may be small but it is awesome!

Ok so now I am going to share a layout I made for Scraps Of Darkness using the Serenade kit

I love this photo of our family.

I used the embellishment add on and the floral add on!

here are afew of the details

I clustered a few of the flowers and the die cut banner pieces.

I also added the film strip which I just adore! 

the cute little love button was also in the kit!

Thanks so much for stopping by

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