Thursday, April 4, 2013

Curly Flower Tut

Hi everyone! I love making flowers and the one I make a lot is a curly flower...I am not the original designer of this flower, I saw it by CraftBrulee on YouTube and changed it just a little bit to suit what I needed.

To make this flower you will need
2 - 6 or 5 petal die cut flowers (you can use the tattered flowers die by Tim Holtz but I used my cricut Flower Shoppe cart)
2 - 9 or 10 petal flower

1 skewer or small paint brush
1 foam piece like from your brads come in
hot glue
pencil with an eraser on the end

1 - taking your scissors cut each petal on your 6 petal flowers so its a little bit longer like this, being careful not to cut too deep

2 - ink the edges of each petal

3 - fold each petal in half

4 - fold the petal back like you do a paper airplane

5 - when you are done your flowers will look like this

6 - using your paintbrush or skewer roll each petal one forward and one back

7 - when you are done it will look like this

8 - using the foam place you first 6 petal flower on down using the eraser end of your pencil so it forms a bit,

9 - add some hot glue, and add your second 6 petal flower so the petals are alternating and push down with your eraser end of your pencil

10 - add your first 9 petal flower leaving the center a little open and glue down

11 - add your second flower to the center of the first curly flower and add a little ink to the top if you would like

your flower is done!

here is a layout I created using these flowers and this months wonderful ScrapThat! kit!

 Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see some curly flowers on your project!


caroleanne said...

Hi Laura, layout and great tut. I will definitely be giving this one a go. as making flowers is my most fav thing to do. Thanks for sharing. BFN

Sandi Smith said...

So very pretty it!

Milena said...

Wow. I love it. That is a beautiful flower.

Leah (*BeeCherryLady*) said...

Isn't it interesting how you start with one diecut and when you start...its like, how is that going to look good? LOL! Right, though? But you keep adding and adding layers and the flower blooms!
LOVE that! And really like how you pinched the leaves for the first layers, will so try that!
Wonderful page my dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you and yours had a wonderful Easter! Many blessings! ~Leah

Tracey Gregory said...

I love your curly blooms!!

Suzanne said...

Cool tut, thanks!