Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Third challenge

So week three's challenge is up and I completed my layout!!!! I really like how this one turned out

This week's lesson is English, we will be looking at some creative writing, different alphabets and maybe a little researching.
Get out your reading books, collect your fonts and let's get started.
Please make sure your pencil is sharpened and your lines are ruled nicely

Your required elements:
At least 2 different fonts in your title
One of these forms of writing seen on your page (Book paper, patterned paper with writing on it, script paper or stamps)
Your journaling needs to be either a 'Once upon a time' story or a letter to the person scrapped.
It can be hidden journaling, but please include a photo of it.

For Extra Credit:
Include a quote on your page
Use lined paper

Here is my version!

Have a great day!

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Sarah Lou said...

now that is sweet!!!! just darling! i love the beautiful colour scheme