Wednesday, January 20, 2010

She is so generous

One of things I love about being on the Dreamer DT is Laura's generosity! I have never been on a board where there is so many prizes and raks.....Each month there are monthly crops (with a prize for teh winner and a rak), she has chat challenges (whomever chats the most wins a fab prize) she has LARGE crops with amazing the last crop she gave away 26 RAKS, and a HUGE prize!!!!!!!!!!!! And I do mean HUGE!

Next month she has another yummy thing cooking up so make sure you stop on in and join the fun!!!!!!!!!!!


Melanie said...

Laura sure is one in a million.
Can't wait for February!!!

Debbie said...

Laura is awesome! She is generous and sweet!

Bluesilver said...

Laura is awesome! Looking forward to the Feb. crop!