Sunday, January 31, 2010

Please Join us at Dreamer!


Please join us starting on Monday, February 1st.

If you are like me Dreamer is your second home. It is the first place you visit when you get on the web (well maybe not the first but pretty close to it) and its the last place you visit before you turn off your computer at night. Your friends are here, you find inspiration here, you have fun here. Dreamer is a wonderful place to be. If you are new to Dreamer then we hope to make you feel right at home. We hope to inspire you, make friends with you and we hope you will visit us again and again! You ladies have made Dreamer the place it is and to celebrate it's 6th year please join us in our fabulous crop!

Every Monday and Thursday the Dream Girls will be posting two challenges to inspire you! Plus there will be games, and how to's plus a few bonus challenges. Each challenge you complete you will receive an entry into a drawing for an awesome prize (will be pictured later) You will have until march 5th at 12:00pm est to complete as many challenges as you can!

Looking forward to celebrating with you!

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