Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This Years stunning tree & a reveal

Every year my hubby decorates the tree....it takes him HOURS!!!! About 6 to be exact. He gets each branch looking perfect before he even starts with the ribbon.....etc. He has a whole pattern he follows. He takes great pride in the tree....and each year it turns out beautifully!

take a look for yourself

and here are some of my favorite decorations....

The boys also get a tree to decorate that they then put in their room for Santa to leave a present under (also mom and dad can shower & brush their teeth before the Christmas morning mayhem starts

Aren't they cute?

I also got my dt project done for Dreamer....

each year this cool little book will hold his report cards (I'm also making one for Tyler)

Have a great day!


Megan A. said...

wow that tree is pretty awesome!

DoubleL said...

Wow!!! Amazing tree and your photos are great!! Your boys are very cute, it's so nice they have their own tree - very sweet.