Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Cody & more cards!

Happy Birthday CODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My son is 8 years old today!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is such a fabulous kid. He is polite and caring and loving and helpful and is really fun to be around....he always makes me laugh. I am so lucky that he is my little boy!

I haven't been scrapping a lot but I have been making a bucket full of cards....

There are more but I haven't had a chance to take more photos....

have a great day


ALLY said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CODY!!!!!! Hope you had a fabulous birthday kiddo!

Gorgeous Christmas cards Laura!!!

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday Cody, I hope you had a fantastic day honey.

Laura, I love your cards, the bling on the second one looks amazing.