Monday, September 29, 2008


Hey everyone! I had the most fabulous weekend! Saturday was my birthday, and my hubby Jon had it planned with my bff that I was to go to the hairdressers and get my hair done and over the scrapbook store and I wasn't to be home to 5ish because we had reservations for then at Crabby Joe's. When I got home he and Michelle's hubby were out in the driveway waiting. He said he and the boys had worked hard all day on the shop & wanted to show me what they had done. He opened the shop doors and there was all my family & friends! There was 50 people here to celebrate my birthday with a pig roast! My family, Mom & Dad (thank you all for all your hard work), Deb & Brent, Brady & Jill, Pat, Kathy Alicia & Ryeland, Rob & Brenda, Ashley & Mike and my in laws mil & fil, (thank you so much for helping Jon pull this off) Brigette & Jay, Aunt Judy, Oma, Uncle Micheal & Aunt Sue, Christine & Tony and their girls, and friends Roland, Fridge, Nate (thanks Nate for missing opening day of duck season to cook the pig) Jill, Tracy & Carl & their kids, Brad & Caroline & their kids (who drove 3 hours to be here and brought a camper to sleep in) Rod, Nancy & Bob (thank you so much for driving so long to be here) JC & Jamie, Jocelyn & Scott and of course my bff Michelle & her hubby Bill and their family and my fabulous, sweet, lovable, sneaky and awesome hubby Jon and our boys for all the hard work and for making me feel like a queen! We had an awesome meal with the pig & stuffing prepared by Nate & Fridge, and the rest of the meal brought in my friends family. Thank you so much everyone and Jon, you so rock my world.

I will post some photos as soon as I get some! lol!!!


kathi_minikatie said...

So happy you had a fantastic b-day - what a wonderful surprise! Sounds like DH is a keeper to me.

Anonymous said...

i hope you loved the surprise party aunt laura :) love you a ton!

Lynn Anne said...

WOW! 50 people! WIsh I coulda been there :) Hope you had a happy happy birthday and are in store for an awesome year!

Melanie said...

Sounds like a wonderful day, glad it went well.