Monday, July 14, 2008

Pool Party!

Happy Birthday Honey!

Saturday night we went a beautiful wedding of Jon's cousin Sarah and her now hubby Peter. She was a gorgeous bride and he was the very handsome groom. Congratulations guys! We wish you many years of happiness!

It was also my hubby's b-day so on Sunday we went to his sisters and brother in laws for a BBQ and some pool time. I got some fun shots of the kids enjoying the pool

here is Cody...he says he looks like the creature from the black lagoon lol!

Cody has NO fear of water! He loves to cannonball! Anyways I got a couple of great shots of him jumping in!

Tyler on the other hand likes to laze around and float by the edge!

That is of course unless his daddy is giving out piggy back rides! Then he will venture to the deep end! Jon is the only one that can get Tyler away from the edge!

Of course Cody wanted a ride too!

Every time I went to take a photo of my handsome hubby he would drop back under the water...this is the best I could get! You can see the little devilish smile! he is so bad! gotta love him though!

Have a fabulous night everyone!

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Melanie said...

Happy Birthday to hubby, sounds like you all had a wonderful day.