Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A gift from a friend and went to the bay again!

I received a notice yesterday that something was at the mail for me...when I got there, a large box was waiting for me...I'm thinking, what the heck I didn't order anything! When I saw the name 'Donna' I knew that she had sent me something amazing again! This woman does such beautiful altered work! But when I took this fabulous creation out of the box I was flabbergasted! Thi doll is amazing...the attention to detail was outstanding! WOW! Thank you Donna! She has a place of reverence on my hutch, displayed for all to see!

My niece Alicia came down and spent the day with us the other day! We took off to the Bay for a few hours and the boys so enjoyed having their cousin around! She is so beautiful and such a sweet girl!

Here is Cody, just enjoying himself!

my mom & Alicia!

I just love this photo of Cody! Can you see how long his eyelashes are? he is such a beach babe!

Alicia playing Frisbee with the boys!

See how beautiful she is! Her personality is just as beautiful!

Ty loves the beach...he is so happy there!

The three of them just enjoying being together...

Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous day!


Scrappydog said...

I'm happy it arrived ok Laura and you are pleased with it. The photos of the boys at the beach are wonderful. Ty reminds me so much of one of my grandsons and he is such a water lover. It looks like everyone had such a wonderful day. I can't wait to see your layouts with these photos.

Melanie said...

That doll from Donna is just adorable, she is so clever and talented.

Those beach photos are gorgeous, have fun with your niece.