Monday, June 16, 2008

Fathers Day photos

Just thought I would share some photos from Fathers day. Every year my brother Rob and his lovely wife Brenda hold the celebration. We also celebrate my moms birthday (June 12th)

This is my mom & dad (married 45 years)

and this is my brother Rob & his wife Brenda and my niece Ashely and her boyfriend Mike

Ashley & Mike

My brother Pat and his Kathy and their kids Alicia and Ryeland

My sister Deb and her hubby Brent (Brady was working)

My sexy hubby and our boys

My crazy dad and our crazy boys!

And Ryeland & Alicia with our boys

Hope you all had a fabulous fathers day!


Chelle said...

Great photos of a good looking family! TFS

Melanie said...

Gorgeous photos Laura and Happy Birthday to your mum too.