Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Field Day Fun

It was a lot of fun to watch our boys during their 'sports day'...one of the many perks of being a stay at home mom!

Here is Ty at his short Jump!

And he was having so much fun during the potato sack race

And Cody at the spoon and marble race

And Ty at the long jump

Codys turn at the short jump!

Ty running the 200 metre

Cody doing the long jump!

Tyler doing the ball toss!

Cody doing the 200 metre

It was so fun and i had such a great time watching our boys laugh and try heir best! Iam very proud of them!


Scrappydog said...

Oh Laura, these photos of the boys are fabulous!! Oh my gosh the one of ty in the bag is priceless. The look of determination on his face is just pure fun!! You have some awesome layouts coming I know and I can't wait to see them!! What a wonderful day you shared.

Melanie said...

All beautiful photos Laura, looks like Tyler and Cody had a good time.