Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I look forward to Wednesdays! I know it sounds strange but I really do! My mom, my bff Michelle, my friend Ally (circleguru on the boards) and sometimes my cousin Patsy come over to scrapbook! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all scrapbook a little different and we can all find inspiration on each others pages! It is fun to see how we all have different styles! We have pizza every time for lunch and I try and make something yummy for supper...tonight I think we are just going to have nachos! ('cuz I love 'em lol)

Speaking of Wednesdays Ally just arrived so its scrappy time! have a fabulous day everyone and remember you are closer to the weekend!


Scrappydog said...

Have fun Laura! I would love Wednesdays also looking forward to that!! Can't wait to see the layouts you create!

Tracey said...

Have fun scrapping Laura! Sounds like a great reason to love Wednesday!!! I had a productive scrappy Wednesday as well!!