Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Back from Chicago!

WOW! It was so much fun spending some time with Jons family in Chicago! We had a lot of great things to do. Friday we went chopping and my hubby took me to Archivers...a really cool scrapbook store and I spent too much money! But I got some great deals on some great things and I can't wait to play! On Saturday Jen and Mark (bil & sil) took us to the museum of science and technology! It is a great hands on and interactive museum that the kids had a wonderful time at! Thanks guys for setting it up!

Here are the boys at the Chick hatchery...

and the Navy exhibits

Cody with his Aunt Jen looking through a periscope

and Tylers turn

Can you believe the smile?

Here is Ty with his Papa

Here are our boys at the great Train story exhibit

Here is my hubby & I having a little fun

We also took the boys to have their photo taken in an old car with some hats on...I snapped a couple of photos when she wasn't looking

Here are our boys at the Circus exhibit

and with their cousin

The boys favorite part was the flight simulator...they got to fly a jet and shoot down enemies....we were able to watch on a tv screen outside...

Here is Papa...Ty is there but you can't really see him

Here is Cody and Justin

And here they are in the simulator...do you think their smiles give away what a good time they had?

And here they are climbing a rock wall

It was a fabulous way to spend our Saturday!

Tomorrow I will upload some more photos from the rest of our weekend!

Thanks again for setting it up Jen & Mark and to Nana and Papa for treating the family to such an amazing time!

Todays Quote

Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science. ~Edwin Powell Hubble, The Nature of Science, 1954

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ALLY said...

WOW!!!!!! What a cool museum! Love all the interactive stuff! The boys must have had a great time! Good to hear you're safe at home!

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