Monday, February 25, 2008

Its good to be liked!

I hurt my back earlier this week and I was getting pretty grumpy and down by today. It had just been long know?

I met this lady on line at Dreamer...her name is Donna and I took an instant like to her. She seemed very sweet and nice and super talented too! Anyways we have been chatting on line and sending PM's and I was right she is very sweet and nice! Skip ahead to today....I am in my housecoat, getting the kids ready for school and it is 7:30am and there is a knock at my door...I'm thinking 'okay' its early and someone is gonna get a shock seeing my in my housecoat (think big terrycloth not little and silk lol) and there is a delivery guy with a BIG box for me...look what Darling Donna (my new nick name for her) sent to me...

See I told you she was talented! Can you believe the detail and work she put into these things just to send to me? Wow! I am flabbergasted. Thank you are sweet beyond words!


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! That is one gorgeous care package!! I love all the details that were put into this package. You are one lucky lady!! Enjoy!

Lynn Anne said...

Holy crow, you must still be blown away! Gorgeous, gorgeous projects and all for you! :D