Sunday, August 19, 2007

More photos and dreams!

So we took the kids to the Florida Aquarium in Tampa Bay....REALLY worth the money! The people were friendly and informative! There were great animals to look at and even touch! They had a 'touch tank' where you could touch Mana Rays and Bamboo sharks! It was so cool! The rays felt like wet suede and really enjoyed being touched!
Here is Tyler touching a ray

And Cody!

Even I got to touch some!

Cody's favorite was the sharks....the kid is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to sharks....he knows more about sharks then I do! He's like a sponge when it comes to shark info! For example...did you know you CAN NOT eat Great White Shark because they exude urine out their skin? Our 6 year old knew that

here is a picture of a Sandtiger shark...look at those teeth!

This is a lion fish

and the really cool octopus!

and here are some cute pics I took of the boys in the aquarium

We also attended a dive show...there was a diver in a huge tank and he talked about the preservation of the ocean animals and coral reef!

Outside the aquarium is a little water splash and play for the kids...I didn't have their swim suits or sun block on me and we wanted them to have fun so we sent them in clothes and all and they had a ball!!!!

Before we left we snapped a couple of shots at the sign!

Over at scrapbook dreamer my blog challenge this week is to blog about what your scrapbook dream is...I want to open my own scrapbook store...I used to run a family clothing store and loved it! I hope this is a dream I will accomplish!


Katie Jones said...

looks like a fun trip.

Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings said...

Cool photos!!!


I blagged on you!

Somebody Blagged On Me!

Melonie said...

Great pics Laura! SO glad you had so much fun. Your son and mine would get along great! He loves all things ocean! I never knew there were so many types of sharks until he got so into them! Have a great weekend!