Friday, August 17, 2007

Florida Dreaming....

It has been fabulous couple of weeks! Last week we went to Florida! My dh drives long haul and got a Florida trip...and we got to go. And the great guys he works for allowed him a day and half off there! Thanks Dave & Brett!!! We did some awesome things and I took a lot of pictures. One of the first things we did was go to Gatorama in Miami! I got some great shots there

This is one of gators we saw!

And here are the boys peering in at one of the gator habitats

And here is Cody holding a little croc

and Ty had to have a turn too (don't you love that smile!)

We also went out to the Peace river in For Murray and went for a swim...

Here is my hubby out on the pier

This is my favorite picture from the trip...all of my boys together!

Here is one my hubby took of our boys & I

Tomorrow or Sunday I will upload some photos of the Florida Aquarium....

Over at Dreamer my blog challenge this week was to blog about a dream we have for our children...I have pretty simple dreams for them...

I want them first of all to be safe....with their peanut allergies we are always worried about them being exposed and it is so hard sometimes.
My other dream for them is that they will strive for their isn't always about achieving their goals but the learning in the process. If you don't try you will never learn and never achieve.
Lastly I hope they are happy...truly happy! With the path they choose in their careers and in their home life. I hope they marry someone that makes them happy and that they want to make happy. Like I said...fairly simple dreams

Have a great day...we are off to the zoo in the am so I will even more photos to upload!


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