Thursday, June 21, 2007

Fathers Day celebration!!!

It was a great fathers day!!!!! We had celebrated last weekend with my family for fathers day so we got to stay home in the morning and relax.

My hubby was spoiled rotten this year for fathers day...I think the things that meant most was the items that the boys made him... Cody made him a self portrait and a cute card and Ty made him a pine cone thingy to hang in his truck and a cute poem with his footprint on it. I love the last photos of Ty hugging his daddy!

After our fathers day morning we went over to my sister in laws for a swim and fathers day with my father in law. The boys had a great time as you can see

Todays Quote;

The words that a father speaks to his children in the privacy of home are not heard by the world, but, as in whispering-galleries, they are clearly heard at the end and by posterity. ~Jean Paul Richter

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