Thursday, May 24, 2007

Cody's Fiels day!

I had so much fun watching Cody do his track and field the other day. He's only 6 and is in grade one. He didn't want to do it really in the morning before we left because he was afraid he wouldn't get any ribbons but I told him that he had to try. He said that he was afraid of being a loser. I wanted to scream that a 6 year old can NOT be a loser but I calmly told him that the only losers are ones that don't try. You don't have to come in first to be a winner you just have to try your best. He seemed satisfied with that and proceeded to have a good day. He is not very athletic but he loves to have fun! He is so dang cute! Ok so here are a few photos!

This is Cody at the 'HOP'

And Cody doing the short jump

Cody doing the ball toss

Cody doing the race

and Cody at the end of it!

He ended up with a bunch of ribbons and a really tired but fun day!

Have a great day everyone!

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Lynn Anne said...

Aww, yay on the ribbons! (he's a handsome little thing, isn't he?) Ralph had a field day this week too, but no ribbons or such - an outdoor 'treasure hunt' where they found things in the grass, played outside games. .. he came home SO tired, but told me "I want more field days!" You got some great photos!