Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Niece, sister & sister in law...oh my!!!!!

So my 13 year old niece Alicia was assigned a project to do for school. She was to create an autobiography about her life up till now and what she hopes to accomplish in the future..including her favorite music, her best days of her life (she wrote about the birth of my boys), her worst day (the day our favorite aunt passed away), her accomplishments, where she sees herself in 10 years and much more. She decided to scrapbook it. She has created some fabulous pages and I am so proud of her. She did this one at my house this weekend.

Her journaling reads;
As a human being, I feel I have grown dramatically in these past few years, but not just in height - in maturity. It feels as if my personal collection of experiences has expanded to a whole new level. From manners to desires and discipline to respect, everything - my whole outlook on life - has changed. I cannot say whether it’s my age, the way I was raised, or just my knowledge as a person, but I do feel as if I’m ahead, and it may take a few years for the rest to catch up. Presently, I am still recovering from the realization of how blessed I am: I have a loving family, a nice and safe home, money for not only needs but wants, and the fact that I could eat 5 meals a day and drink one hundred glasses of water, and I would still have the money for a pair of jeans I see myself eyeing in the mall, or that pleasant family dinner out we have every few weeks; I know this is a mere fantasy for some others around the world, and to me, that is heartbreaking. I would feel spoiled and selfish if I was to complain that I was not wealthy enough or fortunate enough - because what, really, are those things anyway? This is just a tidbit of my growth; no larger than a kernel. For those being kept in the dark, my name is Alicia Lorina Lozon. Today, I am 13 years and 86 days of age, brunette, almost 5”6, and have blue speckled and dark-green rimmed green eyes. Although I have been told I look 16, my two front teeth are still slightly larger, my love for cartoons still dominates my selection of television programs, and I have yet to appreciate the gross food my parents seem to have an acquired taste for (like pasta with spices and such, which they say I’ll like when I’m older; like, barf).
I am so proud of her. When I get a chance I will post some more of her pages.

On Easter Sunday was also my sisters birthday...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I made her a card holder with sections to put her handmade cards...she creates such awesome cards! She has a real flair and talent for it!

I also made her a birthday card although not as pretty as the ones she makes...

This is a layout I created my about my sister and I a little while ago.

The journaling reads;
There are eight years, and two brothers, between my sister and I. When I was little we shared a room and even shared a bed. She got married, with me as her junior bridesmaid, when I was only 11 and I missed her so very much. It took me forever to learn to sleep without her, and I was left to deal with two older brothers by myself. She was always my idol growing up. She was popular, pretty and so smart. She could play the organ, the guitar and had a beautiful voice, she was kind and a hard worker. I bet she never knew that I wanted to be just like her. Whenever I needed advice, or a soft shoulder she was always there, even when she didn’t agree with me. She never let me down, she always stood by me. Now we are both adults and I think we are closer than ever. We scrapbook together and talk on the phone at least once a week. But most things haven’t changed. She is still kind, popular, hard working, my rock, my friend and beautiful and I still want to be just like her.

Easter Sunday was also my sister in laws Bridgette's birthday! We don't buy for each other but I couldn't resist picking her up a bag of chocolates. I figured that her kids were getting chocolate that day and so should she! I also made her a card.

Have a fabulous day everyone!