Wednesday, April 11, 2007

How did you start...

scrapbooking? Did someone introduce you or is it something you saw and taught yourself?

My sister took me to a Creative Memories beginners class and it was fun but at the second crop I was already adding things that were 'contraband' lol! So I started to branch out a bit. I really got into it about a year later and then last year my hubby bought me a digital camera and its been extreme every since. I have created a lot of gift albums, my sis and I made a 12x12 album for my dad about him as a father, one for my hubby about his son from a previous marriage (see daddy loves you Sebastian link on the side) a wedding album & Sebastian album for my in laws and one for our boys teacher last year. I also have about 8 family albums right now.

My sister, mom, cousin Amy and Aunt Patsy used to get together once a month to scrap, until my aunt passed last August. We still try and get but with Aunt Pat gone it just isn't the same. Now my niece scraps! (see earlier post)

here is a picture of sister, mom, Aunt Pat and myself at Thanksgiving 2 years ago

So how did you start?

Have a great day!

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Allison said...

How did I start?.... my sister gave me a scrapbook with a matching kit and the rest is history!!! LOL!