Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter

I hope everyone is having a fabulous Easter! We had a great time today. We went to church this morning at 8:30am mass...a very nice service. At the end of mass Father asked the children to come up for a bulletin and a blessing. He asked the kids what they thought Easter was all said candy, one said family, one said eggs (lol) and then Cody (our 6 year old) raised his hand and Father asked him and Cody said...."Easter is all about when Jesus died on the cross for us" All the congregation clapped and made Cody and Jon & I feel very good!

After mass we went to an Easter egg hunt at my sister & brother in laws house. This is Cody and Tyler getting a few Easter treats!

After the egg hunt we went to my family brunch! It was nice visiting with everyone! We found out that my nephew Brady (he's 17, smart and cute) received an acceptance letter from the college of his choice and received a partial scholarship because he is an above 80 average student! He is such a great kid too! He is going to college to become a teacher that works with special needs kids! He's 17 and he's that thoughtful and driven. I am so proud! Here is a picture of Brady with my dad! Congrats again Brady!

I told you he was cute!

Our boys love to play with their cousin Ryeland! He is a really cute picture of all three of them!

We also went to my mother & father in laws for a nice supper. She made a tasty roast beef with mashed potatoes, gray and croissants! I have been watching what I eat and been doing very well at it until this weekend! Oh well tomorrow is another day!

Lynne Ann & Ian...thanks for the comments on my posts. Our boys go to a Catholic school here and as for the paper piecing I am going to make it from a coloring book! Wish me luck!

I also want to mention that my friend Jennifer (Kitty) received her baptism, first communion, & confirmation this weekend as she joined the Catholic religion. Congrats Jennifer and may God bless you.

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend and don't eat too many treats!!!


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