Sunday, April 22, 2007

Finally Spring!

It seems as though the nice weather has finally arrived! Yeah!!!!!!!!!! I am so stoked for this weather....the kids have been suffering from cabin fever and couldn't wait to get out and enjoy the nice weather! They decided to play their own game of volleyball! It was a lot of fun to watch. They are such hams!

And I BBQ'ed some burgers up last night for supper...I love BBQ season. I do BBQ all winter though! I love steak but it has to be grilled...oven baked or broiled just doesn't cut it. I marinade them all day in Diana's steak spice marinade or in her red wine & cracked pepper (my favorite) Tonight I am BBQ'ing up some butterfly pork chops! Yummy! What about you like to BBQ?

Have a fabulous evening

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Lynn Anne said...

YUM! Yes, love to BBQ though all I do is chow down - dh does the rest! He just found some kosher chuck steaks in the store today but didn't pick them up...he's on strict orders to come back with some this afternoon! LOL.

Thanks for the tip on the photo contest..

We've had great days here too! Supposed to rain later today but I should get a couple of pots planted with Kaycie and Ralph before it starts.