Friday, April 6, 2007

Easter Crafts

Almost every month I create craft projects with my youngest sons kindergarten class. I love doing it and watching their little faces lite up when they finish a project they are proud of. The whole process of learning is so exciting for them, and to watch them laugh and giggle is its own reward! Their teacher, Miss I, is one of the best teachers I have seen. She is patient, and kind but strict too. She loves that I am willing to come in and do different crafts with the kids. We have become friends over the last two years and I know that next year, when my youngest is in grade 1 and no longer has her, I will miss this.

This Easter we did jewelled crosses. I bought some jewels in the crafts section at WalMart and some popsicle sticks. I hot glued to sticks together a head of time. The kids painted them, then when they were dry they glued one large and four small jewels on them.

While the paint was drying on the crosses we made an Easter Egg Wish tree. I printed out some Easter Eggs on paper from some coloring book sites on the web and on the back they wrote a realistic Easter wish. They then colored and decorated them with glitter, we then glued them on a tree. When they return to school on Tuesday they can take them down and see who got their wish.

We also made some really cute Easter egg holders. They colored them and Miss I put a flower on the back with a brad to hold them together.

All in all it was a fabulous day. If you are looking for some cute crafts to do with your little bunnies try these sites

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Cute Easter Bunny
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Paper Bag Bunny Craft
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Easter Mobile with Christian Message

Have a great Easter


Allison said...

Those are the coolest art projects Laura! I'll bet they all loved making them!

Lynn Anne said...

VERY cool! The jeweled crosses must have blown the parents away - they're fabulous! Do your kids go to a Christian school?

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful that you are involved with your children's class. by 5th grade we do not have parents getting involved as much where I teach.